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Apply for approval to bring in personal medications

Apply for an approval before bringing in your personal medications when travelling to Singapore.

Before you begin:

You do not need to apply for approval if you are travelling through Singapore but will remain within the airport’s transit zone. If you require an approval for your personal medication, you should apply at least 10 working days before your arrival.

To apply, you will need to prepare a copy of your:

  • Pharmacy dispensing labels and/or doctor’s prescription to verify your medication’s dosage and quantity.
  • If you are applying to bring in more than 3 months’ supply of medications, you should prepare supporting documents to justify your prolonged stay in Singapore (e.g. employment letter, in-principle approval letter, employment pass, or school acceptance letter).

Apply at least 10 working days before your arrival.

Note: As customs officers may perform routine checks, please have the approval and all supporting documents ready with you for inspection upon request.