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Supply of General Sale List medicines​ via automatic vending machines

Understand the regulations before supplying General Sale List medicines via automatic vending machines.

What are General Sale List medicines

General Sale List (GSL) medicines are health products which can be purchased off the shelves, and are deemed to be reasonably safe to be used by the public for minor ailments without medical supervision. GSL medicines will include:

  • Therapeutic products classified as GSL medicines
  • Chinese proprietary medicines
  • Traditional medicines
  • Homoeopathic medicines
  • Quasi-medicinal product
  • Medicated oils and balms

Supply via automatic vending machines

GSL medicines can be supplied via an automatic vending machine only when all the conditions below are met:

  1. The company’s name and contact information must be prominently displayed on the automatic vending machine for consumers to contact the automatic vending machine operator directly to feedback on matters related to the products supplied via the machine, such as broken packaging, expired products etc.
  2. The automatic vending machine must be sufficiently secured and equipped with appropriate storage conditions for the GSL medicines it contains. For example, the automatic vending machine must be equipped with a monitoring device to ensure that the products are maintained at the manufacturer’s recommended storage conditions such as store below 25°C, or at any specified storage conditions as stated on the product to ensure quality of the product. The vending machine must also be equipped with adequate security features, including those to prevent any tampering of the products.
  3. For GSL therapeutic products:
    • The product must be labelled and packaged in accordance with the conditions required by us upon registration of the therapeutic products under the Health Products Act, where applicable.
    • The package size of the product is the same as the package size specified for registration with us and the total amount of the medicine in each package does not exceed a total dosage of 3 months.
  4. For all other GSL medicines, the total amount of the products in each package does not exceed a total dosage of 3 months.