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Precautionary measures taken at blood collection sites

This page details the updated information on the precautionary measures taken to safeguard donors' health and well-being. 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, HSA has implemented a range of precautionary measures at our Bloodbanks and mobile drives to safeguard the health of our donors. We are closely monitoring the situation and will adopt more measures as appropriate by aligning with the latest Safe Management Measures recommended by the authorities.   

Pre-screening of potential donors before they can enter the Bloodbanks or mobile drives

All persons who have close contact with COVID-19 infected persons in the last 5 days, or with respiratory symptoms in the last 7 days, or fever or COVID-19 infection in the last 28 days will not be allowed to enter the premises.

Masks must be kept on at all times

Donors must wear and keep on their masks at all times.

Only donors allowed to enter

Only donors are allowed to enter blood donation premises. Accompanying persons are not allowed. 

Measures taken by Bloodbank staff

All Bloodbank staff wear surgical masks at all times and practise regular hand hygiene before attending to donors. They also monitor for symptoms and are advised to see a doctor if they are not feeling well.

Safe distancing 

We have set our donation beds at least a metre apart in the donation rooms. Donors are also encouraged to observe a safe distance while seated at the waiting and refreshment areas. We have provided signages and moved the chairs apart to help donors to space themselves out in these areas. 

At mobile drives, we work with the organisers to spread out the seats and donation beds as far apart as feasible. We closely monitor donors’ turnout and stagger their entry, if necessary.  

Ensuring premises are clean

We have increased the frequency of cleaning the premises and placed hand sanitisers at the donation areas.

Reminders to donors

Donors are reminded during medical screening that they must call a 24-hour toll free line (1800-226-3320) immediately if they develop symptoms of infection such as fever, rash, body ache, sore throat or persistent cough within two weeks after blood donation. Post-donation SMS text is also sent to blood donors after their donation to remind them of this. 

Appointments encouraged

To shorten their time spent at the Bloodbank, we would like to encourage donors to make an appointment before coming down for their donation.