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Health Sciences Authority

Where Can I Donate?

Decided to make a donation? Great! While it only takes a little effort on your part, your contribution will go a long way in saving the lives of others.

Before planning a visit to the blood bank, do check out the latest overseas travel deferral criteria if you:

  • have lived outside Singapore previously
  • have recently returned from abroad
  • are a frequent traveller

Here are the steps you should follow before and after your donation.

To donate, simply head down to Bloodbank@HSA, Bloodbank@Woodlands, Bloodbank@DhobyGhaut or Bloodbank@WestgateTower. Or you can make your contribution at one of our mobile blood drive locations instead.

To ensure that your donation experience is a speedy and convenient one, do make an appointment online (

Have made an appointment? You can now check your appointment on HealthHub

Share your gift of life, today.