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Health Sciences Authority



About Medical Devices Regulations

In Singapore, medical devices are regulated by the HSA to safeguard public health and safety. They are defined as health products which have a physical or mechanical effect when used on human bodies and are used to: 

  • Diagnose, alleviate or treat a medical condition
  • e.g. X-ray machines, contact lenses, artificial (prosthetic) knee

  • Measure or monitor functions of the body
  • e.g. blood pressure or blood sugar monitoring machines

*Products which are used to maintain or support general well-being, such as body toning equipment, magnetic accessories and massagers, are NOT medical devices and hence not regulated by HSA.

The laws which govern medical devices sold in Singapore are the Health Products Act (Act) and Health Products (Medical Devices) Regulations. All product owners are required under these laws to register their medical devices and obtain the dealer’s licence with HSA before selling or dealing with them.  

Below is a typical medical device regulation cycle:

Figure5_4 edit Before Application
During ApplicationAfter Approval of Application

Quick Guide

Download our quick guide to medical device product registration and dealers licencing

Before Application

CRIS account allows companies to authorise their employees or third party service providers to access HSA’s E-services (e.g. MEDICS) to perform electronic transactions on behalf of the companies.

After Approval of Application

Reporting of:



Frequently Used Links


Useful Information

Read these documents for detailed instructions on the various steps on medical devices registration

Processing timelines 
HSA’s review timelines for product registration and change notification applications

Registration, retention, amendment, Dealer’s Licence and other fees


E-services and forms

Medical Device Information Communication System (MEDICS) 
Carry out transactions with Medical Devices Branch (MDB) and view medical device information online

Singapore Medical Device Register (SMDR) 
Search for registered medical devices in Singapore

Class A Medical Device Register 
Search for Class A medical devices in Singapore

Health Product Classification webform
Use this webform for any further enquiries on product and risk classification of medical devices

Grouping enquiry form
Download this form for any further enquiries on the grouping of medical devices for registration


Regulatory Updates

Latest News 
Regulatory updates, industry briefings and consultations

Field Safety Notices (FSN) 
Field Safety Notices submitted for FSCAs reported to HSA

Medical Devices Advisories
For healthcare professionals, industry and consumers