Medical Device Information Communication System (MEDICS)

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Ensure you have the following credentials before you access the MEDICS e-service:



User guide

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Class A medical device database@medics

Class A Medical Device Database
Please take note of the following on the submission of documents online:

Attaching Files

Please refrain from opening multiple internet browser window tabs when accessing MEDICS.

Acceptable file formats for online submission include PDF (preferred), MS Word 97-2003 (.doc), MS Excel 97-2003 (.xls), TXT, TIFF version 6 (compressed), JPG, AVI, and MPEG.

Users can attach up to a total of 10Mb of files each time they click “Add attachment”.

At the recommended PC settings, it should take about 1 minute to upload 1Mb of data.

Files that are larger than 10Mb can be split into different parts for submission.

For example, a file with a size of 15Mb can be split into 2 parts, Enc A_part 1 (7Mb) and Enc A_part 2 (8Mb).

The files can then be attached as follows:

  1. In Enclosure A, browse for Enc A_part 1 (7Mb);
  2. Click ‘Add Attach';
  3. In Enclosure A again, browse for Enc A_part 2 (8Mb);
  4. Click ‘Add Attach';
  5. Continue adding other Enclosures by clicking ‘Add Attach', one at a time for each file to be uploaded; and
  6. Upon attachment of all files, click ‘Update form' in the supporting document section to update the main form.

Files that have been attached can also be removed/deleted from the section as long as the user has not clicked the ‘Submit' button.

Upon submission, a file cannot be removed or deleted from the application. To attach additional documents to an application that has already been submitted, please contact MDB.

File Size Versus Quality

A document with a large file size:

  • Takes longer to upload, download, transfer or view;
  • Has a higher chance of encountering an error while being transmitted over the internet; and
  • Takes up more system resources.

Thus, it would be optimal if documents being submitted online are detailed enough to help us verify, evaluate and process an application, but are not so large in size that they have a negative impact as described above.

About File Sizes

A document's size depends on its:

  • Resolution (in dpi),
  • Color depth (BW, 256 color, True colour/24 bit); and
  • Compression method.

Choose the right settings for your document, depending on:

  • The quality of the original hardcopy document; and
  • The document's purpose in the application.

Generally, documents with images require higher color depth and resolution. Documents that consist mainly of text, however, can be saved in BW.

Recommended File Specifications

Please adhere to these file specifications where feasible:

For text-only documents:

  • BW;
  • TIFF format;
  • CCITT Group 4 compression; and
  • 200/300dpi resolution;

Estimated file size (for an A4-sized BW document, TIFF in CCITT G4):

  • About 25kB at 200dpi; and
  • Over 50kB at 300dpi;

For document with images:

  • JPEG format;
  • Resolution of 72dpi to 300dpi; and
  • Image depth of not more than 24bit (true color);

Estimated file size (for an A4-sized document):

  • About 300kB at 200dpi; and
  • About 800kB at 300dpi.

Scanning Documents for Submission

Here are some tips on scanning documents for online submission:

  • Adjust the scanner's settings such that the document's background is as clean and clear as possible;
  • Make sure that the document is placed right-side-up in the scanner; and
  • Crop the image if necessary, to reduce file size and avoid having a document that has unnecessary details.