PRISM (Chinese proprietary medicines)

The PRISM e-service gives users the convenience of carrying out transactions with HSA, and to search for related information online.


Ensure you have the following credentials before you access the PRISM e-service:




Amend listing or licence 修改批准或执照 - amend@prism

Please submit a new Chinese Proprietary Medicine product listing application if you wish to amend any of the following information:


  • Active Ingredients 活性成分
  • Dosage form 剂型
  • Manufacturer/Assembler 制造商/分装商
  • Product listing type 产品批准类
  • Application number or product reference number of product before assembly (for locally assembled products) 分装前产品号码改变(本地分装产品)


User guide

   Amend Chinese Proprietary Medicines product listing application 修改中成药产品批准 Guide236 KB
   Amend licence to import Chinese Proprietary Medicines 修改中成药进口商执照 Guide1090 KB
   Amend licence to sell Chinese Proprietary Medicines by wholesale 修改中成药批发商执照 Guide1090 KB
   Amend licence to manufacture or assemble Chinese Proprietary Medicines 修改中成药制造商或分装商执照  Guide550 KB
   Amend medical advertisement and sales promotion permit 修改广告和促销准证
 Guide27 KB
   Amend company information 修改公司资料   
   Amend applicant's details for licences and applications 修改执照或中成药产品批准申请者资料   

Transfer permit 转让已登记的准证 - transfer@prism


User guide

  Transfer medical advertisement and sales promotion permit 转让已登记的广告和促销准证  Guide104 KB