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Health Sciences Authority

Tobacco Retail Licences

A person who intends to sell tobacco products by retail must apply for a tobacco licence from the Health Products Regulation Group (HPRG), Tobacco Regulation Branch (TRB). Tobacco retail licence issued is specific to only one outlet. Separate applications need to be submitted if an applicant is operating more than one outlet.

Applications for licence to retail tobacco products can be made online through LicenceOne, a 24-hour integrated electronic licensing system.

Terms & Conditions For Tobacco Retail Licence

1.     The licensee is only authorised to sell tobacco products by retail at the premises specified in the licence (“the Licensed Premises”). The licensee is required to furnish the Authority with either the tenancy agreement or other documentary proof of title to the Licensed Premises, showing that the licensee has the legal right to use the Licensed Premises. The Authority may revoke this licence in the absence of such proof.

2.     The Licensed Premises must not be located in any of the following premises:

i)          Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Pharmacies, Chinese Medical Halls, Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinics;

ii)          Gaming Arcades; or

iii)          Youth-centric institutions under Ministry of Education (MOE) or Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) such as  Child Care Centres, Pre-schools,  Kindergartens, Rehabilitative Homes, Schools, Institute of Technical Education (ITEs), Polytechnics, Universities.

3.     An application for renewal of the licence shall be submitted to the Authority at least 5 working days, before the licence expires. (Note : The renewal of a licence will only take effect after the required fees have been paid to and received by the Authority.)

4.     The licensee should not be convicted of offences arising from any contraventions of any applicable laws, or contravene any condition of this licence.

5.     The licensee shall be mentally and physically fit to comply with the Tobacco (Control of Sale and Advertisements) Act, the regulations made thereunder, and the terms and conditions of this licence.

6.     Paragraphs 4 and 5 apply to a licensee that is not an individual as if the references in these paragraphs refer to the licensee and every director and similar officer of the licensee.

7.     The licensee shall be responsible for, and shall ensure that, all activities and transactions carried out on the Licensed Premises are in compliance with the relevant laws. 

8.     The licensee is responsible for the actions and conduct of all his employees in all transactions involving tobacco products on the Licensed Premises, and the licensee must take measures to ensure that his employees are fully aware:

i)          That non-employees are not allowed to handle and retail tobacco; and

ii)          Of the legal requirements and regulatory controls relating to tobacco products, including (but not limited to) ensuring that his employees are familiar with all relevant materials issued by the Authority regarding the sale of tobacco products.

9.     The licensee must ensure that all tobacco products on the Licensed Premises can only be accessed by his employees.

10.  The licensee (with the exception of duty-free and specialist tobacconist businesses) must ensure that only one packet of each pack size of each cigarette brand is allowed to be displayed in the tobacco storage unit whenever exposed to customers or members of the public during re-stocking or tobacco sales transactions.

11.  The licensee must ensure every invoice or receipt in respect of each transaction of the tobacco products is kept for a period of one year from the date of issue of the invoice or receipt, and must produce all such invoices and receipts for inspection upon request by any authorised officer.

Licensees are to note the provisions of the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act ("the Act"), including the various Regulations made under the Act. Licensees must comply with all the requirements and obligations set out in the Act and the Regulations in addition to the terms and conditions of this licence. In the event the Authority finds that the licensee has contravened the Act or the Regulations or any of the terms and conditions of the licence, the Authority may suspend or revoke the licence (without prejudice to any other action against the licensee that may be provided for under the law).

For more information on the Act and Regulations, please refer to the Singapore Statutes Online at

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