Blood services

We secure the nation’s blood supply by ensuring a safe and adequate blood supply for public and private hospitals.




Our objectives and goals:

  • Provide a safe and efficient transfusion service which is based on voluntary blood donations.
  • Maintain the highest standards of care for patients and donors in all aspects of blood banking and transfusion medicine.
  • Uphold and promote the highest standards of practice of transfusion medicine.
  • Use all resources available to enhance staff development to achieve quality and excellence in the services offered.
  • Use all technology available to achieve the optimal quality of blood and blood products supplied for patient care at an affordable cost to the community.

Blood donation

Blood contains many life-saving components that can help to treat different illnesses and injuries. For many patients, blood donors are their lifeline.

National Blood Programme

Singapore’s National Blood Programme aims to ensure that all patients in Singapore have access to a safe and sufficient blood supply when needed.

Transfusion medicine

The Blood Services Group (BSG) provides advisory, patient management, training and research services in clinical transfusion medicine.