Forensic biology

Our Forensic Biology Division plays an important role in crime investigation by uniquely identifying individuals through our DNA profiling methodology. 

DNA Profiling and DNA Database Laboratories

Our DNA Profiling Laboratory and DNA Database Laboratory provide DNA testing services to law enforcement agencies to examine exhibits for biological material, and the generation of DNA profiles for human individualisation and kinship analysis.

DNA profiling methodology from our laboratories plays an important role in uniquely identifying individuals by testing a variety of samples. The combination of incorporating modern genetic analysis and molecular biology techniques, and the establishment and management of a DNA database have resulted in greater success in the identification of criminals.

Equally important and relevant, the power of DNA profiling has also been applied to exonerating the innocent. In addition, DNA profiling is useful in identifying the remains of missing persons or victims of mass disasters.

The DNA Profiling Laboratory was established in 1990, while the DNA Database Laboratory was established jointly with the Criminal Investigation Department of the Singapore Police Force in 2003. They are the only forensic DNA laboratories in Singapore to be accredited under the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) Forensic Science Testing programme.