Forensic science

Our Forensic Chemistry and Physics Laboratory serves the administration of justice through a wide range of scientific examinations and consultancy.

Forensic Chemistry and Physics Laboratory

Our Forensic Chemistry and Physics Laboratory (FCPL) examines a wide range of crime scene evidence usually for the purpose of identification, comparison, association, and scene reconstruction. We apply scientific principles, methods and critical thinking to analyse problems, gather data and interpret findings. Our findings help to clarify technical issues for investigators and the courts.

FCPL is Singapore’s national laboratory for the integrated forensic examinations of trace evidence, firearms, toolmarks, crime scene, and questioned documents. We achieved accreditation status since 1996, and are currently accredited under the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) Forensic Science Testing programme. We are also one of the few forensic laboratories worldwide qualified to examine both English and Chinese handwriting and signatures.

Our clients include law enforcement agencies such as the Singapore Police Force, individuals, and organisations such as law firms and banks.