Educational materials for healthcare professionals

Find educational materials on therapeutic products and cell, tissue or gene therapy products (CTGTP) intended for healthcare professionals or directed at their patients


The educational materials listed below highlight specific safety concerns associated with the use of selected therapeutic products and CTGTP, and provide advice on the actions required to optimise the safe and effective use of these products.

  • Physician Educational Material (PEM): Intended for use by healthcare professionals in conjunction with the approved Singapore package insert. The PEM highlights safety concerns associated with the product and their risk mitigation measures e.g. selection of the appropriate patient group, close adherence to the recommended dosing information, close monitoring for early signs of adverse events that could require therapy modification.
  • Patient Medication Guide (PMG) and Patient Alert Card (PAC): Intended for dissemination by healthcare professionals to their patients or patients’ caregivers. The PMG and PAC provide important information for patients and their caregivers regarding the use of the product e.g. self-monitoring for early signs and symptoms of adverse events, when to seek prompt medical attention.

Only HSA-approved educational materials are listed below. These materials are published with the agreement of the company responsible for producing them, and are not intended to replace medical advice offered by healthcare professionals.

For electronic package inserts accessed from QR codes printed on the educational materials, there may be a time lag in the publishing of the latest approved package inserts after revisions are approved by HSA. Healthcare professionals should refer to HSA's website for the latest approved package insert for the product.

Active ingredient(s) Brand name Company Educational material(s)
Alemtuzumab Lemtrada Sanofi-aventis Singapore Pte Ltd

Lemtrada PEM1299 KB

Lemtrada PMG1129 KB

Lemtrada PAC2252 KB

Ambrisentan Volibris GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd Volibris PMG3103 KB
Apixaban Eliquis Pfizer Private Limited Eliquis PAC1231 KB
Atezolizumab Tecentriq Roche Singapore Pte Ltd Tecentriq PMG7253 KB
Avelumab Bavencio Merck Pte Ltd Bavencio PMG184 KB
Axicabtagene ciloleucel Yescarta Gilead Sciences Singapore Pte Ltd

Yescarta PEM Physician1996 KB

Yescarta PEM HandlingAdminGuide247 KB

Yescarta PMG1023 KB

Yescarta PAC118 KB

Belantamab mafodotin Blenrep  GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd

Blenrep PEM Physician3855 KB

Blenrep PEM Eye Care Evaluation Guide 609 KB

Blenrep PMG2591 KB 

Belimumab  Benlysta GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd Benlysta PMG352 KB
Tracleer Johnson & Johnson International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Tracleer PMG148 KB

Bosentan Proart  Ranbaxy (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Proart PMG415 KB
CYD Dengue Virus Serotype 1-4 Dengvaxia Sanofi-aventis Singapore Pte Ltd

Dengvaxia PEM83 KB

Dengvaxia PMG62 KB

Dabigatran Pradaxa Boehringer Ingelheim Singapore Pte Ltd Pradaxa PAC1501 KB
Daratumumab Darzalex Johnson & Johnson International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Darzalex PEM Physician582 KB

Darzalex PEM Bloodbank715 KB

Darzalex PAC75 KB

Deferasirox Jadenu Novartis (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Jadenu PMG958 KB

Dostarlimab Jemperli GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd Jemperli PAC151 KB 
Durvalumab Imfinzi AstraZeneca Singapore Pte Ltd Imfinzi PMG125 KB
Eculizumab  Soliris AstraZeneca Singapore Pte Ltd

Soliris PEM147 KB

Soliris PMG115 KB

Soliris PAC419 KB

Edoxaban Lixiana A. Menarini Singapore Pte Ltd Lixiana PAC1448 KB
Emicizumab Hemlibra Roche Singapore Pte Ltd

Hemlibra PMG96 KB

Hemlibra PAC75 KB

Esketamine Spravato Johnson & Johnson International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Spravato PEM1144 KB

Spravato HCP Checklist108 KB

Spravato PMG2399 KB

 Etrasimod Velsipity
Pfizer Private Limited Velsipity PEM

Velsipity PMG

Velsipity PAC

Materials will be available soon
 Fingolimod Gilenya Novartis (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Gilenya PEM563 KB

Gilenya PMG1790 KB

Gilenya PAC155 KB

Fingolimod Fincord Accord Healthcare Private Limited

Fincord PEM203 KB

Fincord PMG165 KB

Fincord PAC141 KB

Gilteritinib Xospata Astellas Pharma Singapore Pte Ltd Xospata PAC249 KB
Glofitamab Columvi Roche Singapore Pte Ltd Columvi PAC52 KB             
Insulin glargine, Lixisenatide Soliqua Sanofi-aventis Singapore Pte Ltd Soliqua PEM408 KB
Ipilimumab Yervoy Bristol-Myers Squibb (Singapore) Pte Ltd Yervoy PMG1410 KB
Isatuximab  Sarclisa  Sanofi-aventis Singapore Pte Ltd

Sarclisa PEM6625 KB

Sarclisa PAC3101 KB 

Lenalidomide Revlimid Bristol-Myers Squibb (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Revlimid PEM134 KB

Revlimid PMG106 KB 
Lenalidomide  Lenalidomide-Teva Teva Pharmaceutical Investments Singapore Pte Ltd 

Lenalidomide-Teva PEM122 KB

Lenalidomide-Teva PMG160 KB

Lenalidomide Lenangio Zyfas Medical Co 

Lenangio PEM1441 KB

Lenangio PMG1423 KB

Lenalidomide Lenli  Lotus International Pte Ltd

Lenli PEM1564 KB

Lenli PMG1345 KB

Lenalidomide Linadex  Hetero Singapore Pte Ltd

Linadex PEM1373 KB

Linadex PMG1366 KB

Lenalidomide Myolid DKSH Singapore Pte Ltd

Myolid PEM

Myolid PMG

Materials will be available soon

Leuprorelin Eligard DCH Auriga Singapore Eligard PEM554 KB
Macitentan Opsumit Johnson & Johnson International (Singapore) Pte Ltd Opsumit PMG104 KB
Mavacamten Camzyos Bristol-Myers Squibb (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Camzyos PEM449 KB

Camzyos PMG163 KB

Camzyos PAC69 KB



Roche Singapore Pte Ltd

Lunsumio PAC63 KB

Natalizumab Tysabri Eisai (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Tysabri PEM549 KB

Tysabri PAC93 KB

Nivolumab Opdivo Bristol-Myers Squibb (Singapore) Pte Ltd Opdivo PMG1328 KB
Nivolumab, Relatlimab Opdualag Bristol-Myers Squibb (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Opdualag PAC380 KB

Onasemnogene abeparvovec Zolgensma Novartis (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Zolgensma PMG383 KB

Ozanimod Zeposia Bristol-Myers Squibb (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Zeposia PEM112 KB

Zeposia PMG198 KB

Zeposia PAC71 KB

Pembrolizumab Keytruda MSD Pharma (Singapore) Pte Ltd Keytruda PMG1515 KB
Pomalidomide Pomalyst Bristol-Myers Squibb (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Pomalyst PEM134 KB

Pomalyst PMG106 KB 
Pomalidomide Pomagen  Lotus International Pte Ltd Pomagen PEM

Pomagen PMG

Materials will be available soon
Ravulizumab Ultomiris
AstraZeneca Singapore Pte Ltd Ultomiris PEM165 KB

Ultomiris PMG168 KB

Ultomiris PAC318 KB

Rivaroxaban Xarelto Bayer (South East Asia) Pte Ltd

Xarelto Tablet PAC714 KB

Xarelto Suspension PAC3156 KB
Rivaroxaban Invarox Intega Pte Ltd

Invarox PAC1640 KB

Siponimod Mayzent Novartis (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Mayzent PEM583 KB

Mayzent PMG567 KB

Mayzent PAC200 KB

Spheroids of human autologous matrix-associated chondrocytes SpheChon Labcorp Development (Asia) Pte Ltd

SpheChon PMG184 KB



Johnson & Johnson International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Tecvayli PAC50 KB

Thalidomide Domide Pharm-D Singapore Private Limited

Domide PEM191 KB

Domide PMG153 KB

Tisagenlecleucel Kymriah Novartis (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Kymriah PEM Physician777 KB

Kymriah PEM PharmLabInf423 KB

Kymriah PMG162 KB

Kymriah PAC458 KB

Tolvaptan Jinarc  Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (Singapore) Pte Ltd Jinarc PMG1590 KB
Tremelimumab Imjudo AstraZeneca Singapore Pte Ltd

Imjudo PMG202 KB

Voretigene neparvovec Luxturna Novartis (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Luxturna PEM Surgical Manual1463 KB

Luxturna PEM Pharmacy Manual731 KB

Luxturna PMG497 KB

Luxturna PAC489 KB

Note: Audio version of the PMG and PAC are available online. Please refer to the educational materials for the weblink.