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Submit Clinical & Forensic Toxicology samples

You may submit samples to our Clinical & Forensic Toxicology unit for drugs and poisons analysis in biological specimens and exhibits.

How to submit

Hospitals and clinics may submit samples together with a toxicology request form.

Toxicology request form

Please call the Analytical Toxicology Laboratory at 6213 0740 for a request form.

The following information is required for the request form:

  • Name and identification number of the subject.
  • A brief medical history, including signs and symptoms.
  • Name of suspected drug or poison (if any).
  • Tests required.
  • For police cases: police name, division and report number.
  • Any other information which may help the analyst identify the drug or poison.
  • Name and organization of the person requesting the analysis.
Specimen requirements
  • Blood: at least 4 ml in heparinised (green-cap) blood tubes

Note: for blood alcohol tests, do not use alcohol swabs to sterilise the area to be punctured.

  • Urine: at least 15 ml in sterile containers without preservatives
  • Gastric aspirate: at least 10 ml in sterile containers without preservatives
Labelling and sealing
  • Specimens must be clearly labelled with the name and identification number of the subject.
  • Containers must be sealed for medico-legal cases, in order for the evidence to be legally defensible in court.

Note: The seal must not cover the specimen label.

Example of a specimen test tube and label Example of specimen container and label

Storage requirements Keep specimens refrigerated at 2-8˚C if they are not dispatched immediately, particularly for specimens requesting for volatile substances analysis (e.g. toluene, ethyl chloride in blood).
Where to submit

Analytical Toxicology Laboratory
Clinical and Forensic Toxicology Unit
Level 3, Health Sciences Authority
11 Outram Road

Singapore 169078
Operating hours

8.00am to 12.00pm
1.00pm to 5.00pm

Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays


Specimens may be rejected for the following:

  • Container leaks
  • Contaminated request forms
  • Unlabelled containers
  • Labels not tallying with submitted forms
  • Illegible or damaged labels
  • Tests not available

Turnaround time

You can get a formal report typically within 7 - 28 days of submission, depending on the analyses requested.

For more information

Please call the Analytical Toxicology Laboratory at 6213 0740.